Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Idol Top 25 Results Show

This is going to be a long night. We find out who made the Top 13 this year.

Jeremy Rosado, Chase Likens, and Philip Phillips are called up first. Well, this is either going to be really good or really bad... Come on and put me out of my misery..... oh I feel sick. Jeremy, Chase, and Philip are nervous. Jeremy did not make the top 10. Chase did not make the top 10. Wait - WhooHoo WhooHoo WhooHoo Philip made the top 10 baby! Woot woot woot woot.

Jessica, Hollie, Hallie, Brielle are called forward. Recaps. Brielle did not make the top 10. Hallie did not make it. Jessica and Holly made it. Good, they deserve it.

Back to the boys. Adam, Heejun, and Joshua. Joshua made the top 10. Heejun is in the top 10. Yay. Sorry for Adam and his big black woman that is trapped inside.

More girls. Bailey, Chelsea, Skyler, Shannen. Recaps. Shannen is in the top 10. Yay. Skyler is in the top 10! Bailey and Chelsea hit the couch.

Aaron, Creighton, and Reed are called forward. Aaron did not make the top 10. Creighton did not make the top 10. Reed is not in the top 10 either. That was cruel!!!

Elise, Erica, Hayley, Jenn are called down. Hayley did not make it. Erica did not make it. Aw. Elise made the top 10. Jenn goes to the couch.

De'Andre, Eben, Colton, and Jermaine are called down. De'Andre is not in the top 10. Colton is in the top 10! Ryan continues being cruel with the tease. Oh man. Jermaine made the top 10. Eben sits on the couch.

Jenn Hirsch sings for a wild card spot. Jeremy Rosado sings next. He makes Jennifer cry, then he cries too. Brielle gets picked to sing. Steven and Randy go off on her performance. Next is De'Andre. Singing Georgia again. The judges like it. Erica gets called up. Singing Gaga. Jennifer is crying again, Steven and Randy like it. Last is Reed. Wow. 'Different' is the nice way to say what the judges thought.

We're back with the picks. Randy picks Erica Van Pelt. Good for her. Jennifer picks Jeremy Rosado, who breaks down and cries. Aw. Steven picks De'Andre and his hair!

Next week the boys will sing Stevie Wonder and the girls will sing Whitney Houston.

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