Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary TO ME!!!!

Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary. We're not really much into exchanging gifts. Spending money to show love? I prefer smaller, daily doses of showing affection. Like when he cleans up the dog poop, changes the cat litter, or cleans the toilet. LOL. Or when he comes by my work to drop off a single red rose - because who wants to watch a whole bouquet of roses wither and die? And I extremely dislike mushy, sentimental greeting cards. Just tell me you love me and I'm good to go another year.

But, if I had to pick out a gift for myself, I would love these earrings:

Or one of these skirts:

Last week, I decided to continue my fruitless search for Amy Butler's Duck Egg French Wallpaper and Pink Coriander fabrics. I haven't had any luck with the Pink Coriander, so if you know where I can get some, or you have some you are willing to share, please contact me. Please!! BUT, I did come across a website for a fabric store, not an online store, but a real brick and mortar store. On their front page they have a photo and "Amy Butler fabrics" as part of what they have to offer. There in the photo is the Duck Egg French Wallpaper. So I shoot off an email asking if they have any available. I received a really nice reply, and ended up buying the 3 yards that they had!!!! That, along with my Dirty Dancing DVD, and I had a wonderful mother's day.