Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm normally a law-abiding citizen...

However, I may have been breaking the law recently. I knew that. It's not beyond my knowledge. Sum*mit Ent.'s legal department contacted Etsy and had my items removed. It seems Sum*mit owns the copyright to every word, name, and/or phrase that is even slightly related to the Twi-light series. AND they own EVERY photo of everyone who is in the movie series. Hmph.

Here's the kicker: I'm not supposed to talk about this (oops) and I am not allowed to ask Etsy why items that are the same or similar to mine are still on Etsy. Sum*mit must think I'm a big fish since they are going after me. Not that you can't type "Twi-light" in the search box at Etsy and find hundreds of other sellers doing the same thing as me. I feel special for being singled out.