Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol Top 24

American Idol Top 24 25

Who will the judges bring back? My thoughts:

Jermaine Jones - He's good, but his voice is suited more towards gospel, not American Idol.

Richie Law - Didn't we have a country boy win last year?

David Leathers, Jr. - He has potential. But his performances were all over the place. He may need more time to mature.

Johnny Keyser - Why did he leave in the first place? Especially since they never showed his final performance, which I thought was suspicious. So will they rip off the X Factor and bring him back only to have him win it all? If so, what a bunch of copycats! If he is the one to come back, I hope his attitude has improved. He was quite full of himself.

So who do you think will come back tonight?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Idol Season 11

Have you been watching American Idol so far this season? I have!

I am so so very happy that Colton Dixon is back baby! Loved him last year and was sad to see him cut so early. Hopefully he sticks around this year. I think his sister Schyler is still around too...

LOVE Philip Phillips. (Why would you subject your child to the name Philip Phillips. And he's a Jr. It's baffling to me.) Hope he sticks around!

Shannon Magrane. I only have a few female contestants that I like and she is one of them.

And Heejun Han is hilarious! I love his voice, but his whole laid back attitude makes me love him even more.

My husband likes both Jen Hirsh and Lauren Gray.

I didn't care for Creighton Fraker at first. But I like him more after last nights performance.

Reed Grimm is alright.. but he's a little too show tuney for me. He has a big personality that is good for performing, but dude, you called your mommy last night and cried. Dude.

Eben Franckewitz (please don't compare him to Justin Bieber) has a good voice, but he might be too young to hang with the others.

Johnny Keyser looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers! FYI - That is JRM on the left, Johnny on the right. I like Johnny Keyser's voice, but he needs to get ahold of himself. He's getting too big for his britches. That could be a huge downfall.

Notable Mention: Ethan Jones didn't make it past the first round in Hollywood.