Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Laptop Bags

I have made 2 of these laptop bags recently. They are really nice and big and fit a 15" laptop and anything else you may want to carry. The first one was a custom order that the person never purchased. Which really pissed me off. I was contacted on Etsy about making a bag large enough for her to fit her laptop in. So we convo'd back and forth and worked out the details. She also has a shop, so I checked out her sales and feedback and figured it was safe to make the order without the usual 50% deposit for custom orders. How wrong I was. After I made it and listed it and contacted her to let her know it was ready, I got no response. After 8 days I contacted her again, and she said she would "check it out". I have no idea if that meant check it out LOOK AT IT. Or check it out BUY IT. Either way, she didn't purchase the listing and she didn't contact me. I waited a few more days and asked her to let me know if she had changed her mind about the item. Still no response. So I took her name off of it. I have no idea why she thinks it was okay to place a custom order and then back out of it. If I were really, really mean I would post her shop and tell everyone not to buy from her.