Friday, July 9, 2010

I Want To Quilt Again

I sooooo need to get back into quilting. That's how I first got into sewing. I spent quality time at the mom & pop sewing/vacuum center where we used to live. My mom and dad bought a vacuum from there when they got married. They would let me come in and try the machines whenever I wanted. I finally purchased a Janome and they taught me the basics of how to use it. Then I went to the book store and bought 3 or 4 books that were on clearance and learned how to get started quilting. The first thing I made was a small quilt for my daughter, and a tiny matching quilt for her dolls. They both turned out really cute. I made my dad a throw quilt with fishing lure fabric for his birthday. I made my mom a matching set for Christmas: throw quilt, bedside table topper, and runner type thing that she uses on her dresser.

Then I started getting into baby quilts. Which soon turned into all I made - baby quilts for the 300 babies being born into the family. Okay, it wasn't really 300, but still... I was expected to make a baby quilt for every baby shower I was invited to. It turned into a chore instead of a creative outlet for me. That's not how I wanted to spend my time. So I got away from quilting and more into purses and accessories.

I don't use patterns either. I get out paper and pen and doodle my own designs and work out the dimensions. It's been quite fun, and I enjoy having a creative outlet.

But lately I have been fondling my fabric (I have TONS of fabric) and thinking of the quilts I could make using my stash. And I really need to start using my stash. My sewing room is overflowing, and I can't bring myself to get rid of any fabrics, so I need to start using them. What better way than to make quilts?

THIS is the last quilt I made. I actually pieced 2 tops, but only quilted one, so I still have the other top that needs to be finished.