Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse Premiere!!!!!!!

The Eclipse premiere is tonight, and I won't be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same as New Moon, I will gladly wait until Friday at approximately 5 pm, but no freakin' later. My husband knows the drill. His happy @ss is going with me.

I think I am excited to see this movie. I have been keeping myself away from anything spoilerish, and it hasn't been hard. Not many photos out there. Only saw some of the promos while watching TV. I think my husband even saw a promo that I didn't. I am looking forward to seeing Eclipse, but I can't believe it will be 18 months before the first Breaking Dawn movie will be out. That's extremely odd to me. You would think they would have waited until November to release Eclipse, and not have such a long break until BD comes out.

For your viewing pleasure, I gladly leave you with some photos of the pretty. Don't drool on your keyboards.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Christie did a truly awesome feature on me for her Fabric Flair Blog.

I love buying coordinating fabrics, and Christie has put together a few sets that I have purchased recently. I also really like this Valori Wells Nest Rose/Sage Colorway set. These fabrics are so cute together.

The Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Set is super cute. I really love the cherries!

Here are a few items I have made using fabrics that I purchased from Fabric Flair.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Etsy Treasury East

One of my items made it into a Treasury. This treasury was made by Christie from Fabric Flair, which is where I purchased the Laura Gunn fabric used on the zipper pouch.

After taking a week or so off after puppy passed away, I am trying to stay busy, so I am back to sewing up a storm. I have more zippered pouches to list, and I have 2 new bags that I just took photos of and need to list. As always, if you want anything custom made, just contact me and we'll set something up.

I have been listening to Civil Twilight a ton recently. I just downloaded their Live From SoHo recordings from ITunes. I love, love, love them.

I just finished reading 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate. It was really good. I can't wait until book #2, 'Torment', comes out in September. Since reading 'Shiver' by Maggie Stiefvater last summer, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the next book in the trilogy, 'Linger', which comes out July 20. My other plans for summer reading include Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, only because pretty boy Robert Pattinson is currently filming the movie. But next up for me to read is 'Immortal' by Gillian Shields.

I also tend to watch a lot of movies during the summer. Last night I re-watched 'Wanted' with James McAvoy. I'm not a big fan of the blood and guts, but damn that boy sure is hot.

Recently I have watched: Leap Year, Whip It, Amelia, The Blind Side, Dear John, An Education, The Young Victoria, and Up In The Air.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Angel

This is so hard to type. Every time I think I can pull myself together and put my thoughts here, I start crying again because putting it in words just seems to make it so real and so final.

Our puppy, Angel, is no longer with us. I have a long and rambling explanation below because once I started typing it all just came out. I wanted to include recent photos of Angel, but I just can't make myself look at them right now. It's just too painful. We spent the weekend trying to get over the fact that we don't have our cute little puppy anymore. The last few days we have spent trying to move on with our life without Angel. We still have our moments, but it seems to slowly be getting better. I'm sure I will have more to say and more good thoughts and cute moments to share about Angel.

The stupid neighbors got a stupid German Shepherd from the pound a few days after we got our puppy. We've made sure not to take puppy out to pee when their stupid dog is out because we weren't sure that it wouldn't harm us or our puppy. Last Thursday night my husband had puppy on her leash by our house and the stupid German Shepherd was roaming around - not on a leash - and it got ahold of my puppy and my husband had to pull if off of puppy. He chased the stupid dog home and yelled at the stupid neighbors. The neighbors claimed their German Shepherd unlocked and opened the sliding glass door and got out on her own. When we told them their dog attacked our dog they said that's just how their dog 'plays' and they were sure it wasn't trying to harm our puppy. We didn't like it. Puppy wasn't hurt, but she was scared and shaking and slimy from the other dog's mouth. So Friday morning (June 4, 2010) I got the leash on Angel and asked my daughter to take her out in the back yard to pee. My daughter's friend was with her. We opened the back door to check for the neighbor's dog, since it wasn't out there I let my daughter take the puppy out. A few minutes later I heard screaming and ran for the back door. It was already too late. My daughter had Angel in her arms, she was bleeding from the mouth and having trouble breathing. I took Angel from my daughter and laid her on the floor and took off her leash, had my son bring me a towel, and I tried to tell Angel that she would be okay, but I knew she wasn't. I got my son in the car and had him hold Angel so I could drive around the corner to the vet. Angel stopped breathing and passed away before we could get her inside the vet.

My stupid neighbor had their 10 year old son bring the German Shepherd out. They don't put the dog on a leash before they come out since they tie the dog up in the yard. So when the German Shepherd spotted my puppy, it broke free and ran and grabbed my little bitty puppy in it's mouth. The kids could not get the German Shepherd to let go of puppy. My daughter is 12, her friend is 11, and the neighbor's son is 10, so they really didn't stand a chance of getting this 100+ pound dog to let go of puppy.

At our insistence they took the German Shepherd back to the pound. I still don't know if they will put the dog down or not. I just know that I don't want this to happen to anyone else.