Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse Premiere!!!!!!!

The Eclipse premiere is tonight, and I won't be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same as New Moon, I will gladly wait until Friday at approximately 5 pm, but no freakin' later. My husband knows the drill. His happy @ss is going with me.

I think I am excited to see this movie. I have been keeping myself away from anything spoilerish, and it hasn't been hard. Not many photos out there. Only saw some of the promos while watching TV. I think my husband even saw a promo that I didn't. I am looking forward to seeing Eclipse, but I can't believe it will be 18 months before the first Breaking Dawn movie will be out. That's extremely odd to me. You would think they would have waited until November to release Eclipse, and not have such a long break until BD comes out.

For your viewing pleasure, I gladly leave you with some photos of the pretty. Don't drool on your keyboards.

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