Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go Elf Yourself...

Elf Yourself is back again. I just made an elf using my daughter's photo and doing the hip hop dance. But if I post it anywhere she will kill me. Seriously. I'll have to get her to make one of herself, then I will share it. Sneaky, I know.

Is it too early to start putting up Christmas lights? Because I made asked my husband nicely to trim the huge ass bush at the corner of the porch so we can get the lights around it... and since you'll be out there anyway, how about you start stringing lights? Ha. So now I have the garland lights wrapped around the porch rail, the net lights covering the trimmed bush, and lights on all of the smaller bushes.

We actually aren't the first to hang lights this season. There is a house up the street that was getting decorated last weekend. AND the main reason we started is because it's been 75 degrees all week. But starting tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 degrees and raining all weekend, then even colder next week. Who knows when we will get nice weather again. It is November after all.

It sucks hanging lights in the cold and/or bad weather. We didn't get lights hung at all last year. The weather was that bad on the days we had available. The year before we just did icicle lights around the roof edge because it was freaking cold out. One year we had some of our neighbors out on a weekend during an ice/snow storm hanging lights. On the roof!! That's just crazy.

FYI - When decorated, our house looks nothing like this: