Thursday, April 28, 2011

Results and Update

Oh my. I still can't believe that Jacob, Casey, and Scotty were the bottom 3 tonight. I thought for sure that Jacob was gone, so I freaked a little when they sent him back to safety. Between Casey and Scotty I knew Casey's time was up (since Scotty had never been in the bottom 3 before.)

I feel bad that Casey is gone. 3 other contestants should have left before him. Those would be Jacob, Haley, and Lauren. So what happened?

I still think Casey will do good outside of AI. He has a charming and outgoing personality, so I feel he will go far. I'm just shocked that he is gone.

Update: Friday Freebie will be back tomorrow with another item. And if last week's winner doesn't contact me, then last week's freebie will be offered up again.