Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol Top 6

I'm back again. Last week was a travesty for my daughter's favorite, Stefano. I really liked him as well, and thought he was a good singer. This week the contestants were singing songs by Carole King.

Jacob Lusk started the night with "Oh No Not My Baby". It was just meh. I'm just really not liking him much.

Lauren Alaina is singing "Where You Lead". It's not bad. I don't think it was great either, but she did show a little more confidence this week. She needs to step it up if she wants to stick around.

Scotty McCreery went soft and sang "You've Got A Friend". Very nice. I'm glad Jimmy told him not to hit the low notes this week. It was good to hear him sing an entire song in that range.

James Durbin is doing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". Oh my goodness. I love this!!! He sounds great. He really does have vision for his performances. This was just perfect.

Casey Abrams sang "Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)". Please stop growling already. Casey really knows how to work it. Jennifer says he needs to loosen up on stage. I don't think he is 'tight', he is just so intense when he performs that he looks stiff. It would have been perfect if he hadn't growled so much.

Haley Reinhart sang "Beautiful". It's alright. Not my favorite performance of hers. I don't think it helped that she came up right after Casey and all his personality.

Okay, so bottom 3 this week.... Jacob, Haley, and Casey. I think. Or exchange Lauren for Haley. I don't want to put Casey in the bottom 3 at all, he doesn't deserve to be there. Going home? I think Jacob (finally).

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