Friday, November 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn Inspired Color Splash on HGTV

I watch a lot of HGTV. My dog watches HGTV more than I do, and I'm sure if he could speak he would have some great ideas for our house. The whole dog watching tv thing started when he was just a puppy. We'd put him in his cage at night and turn on the tv very low so he wouldn't hear us and start to whine. He still whined a lot, so whatever. He did get over the whining eventually, but we left the tv on for him because it helped him not feel so alone. We recently started leaving him out of his cage at night and he sleeps all night with no tv. Yay! He's growing up! But he still gets to watch tv during the day while I am upstairs working. HGTV works best because there are no shows or commercials that he barks at. He barks at sirens, other dogs barking, kids laughing and/or screaming, Cops, Flo from the Progressive commercials, and "Cheep cheep fun fun" chicken thing from Dirt Cheap ----------- Beer, and Liquor. He especially hates Flo - she gets growled at.

So earlier today on HGTV I saw what I thought was the Twilight Breaking Dawn commercial coming on, but it looked different somehow... and then it turned into a promo for a Breaking Dawn inspired 'outdoor' makeover by David Bromstad on Color Splash. And look who shows up to surprise the homeowners!

From the little of the room I could see during the commercial, it looks okay, very woodsy and nature inspired. I think it would have been cooler to have an actual room from one of the movies recreated. Hey, they can come to my house and recreate any Twilight inspired room they want. I'd be on board for that. But only if Robert Pattinson showed up in my new room.

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