Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Get To The Finale Already...

Anyone else ready for the AI Finale? At this point I'm really not much interested in who will win. What I can tell you is that Haley better not be there. I just knew it would come down to a boy/girl finale.

It seems they know Scotty will get a record deal regardless, so they are pushing Lauren as the front runner. If you have any doubts about this, re watch last night's show. Lauren could do no wrong. Maybe they think they have another Carrie Underwood on their hands. I am still waiting for 'Audition Lauren' to come back. What happened to that spunk and balls she had when singing with Steven Tyler? I just don't understand why she has no confidence in her ability to belt out a good song.

Scotty wasn't praised much at all. As soon as he said he was singing a Lonestar song, my husband and I both agreed we hoped it wasn't 'Amazed'. It was. Boo!! His version of “Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not” was boring. I can see why the judges wanted him to sing a good chorus on “She Believes in Me”, and Scotty does do a good job.

And seriously, both Jimmy Iovine and the judges picked horrible, horrible songs for Haley to sing. That right there should prove that they don't want her in the finale. “Rhiannon”??? Really? Terrible song choice. Also, 'You Oughta Know' was on last season's AI, did they forget that? Who wants to hear a screaming and scathing song about Dave Coulier? Oh, I loved the 'family friendly' lyrics on the theatre verse. That was sooo last year.

I remember last week I mentioned that no one had forgotten heir lyrics yet this season. Lauren missed her mark on a lyric. Haley tripped AND mumbled during the fast part of 'You Oughta Know". Now I am happy. Well, not quite happy. However, I WOULD be happy if my James was back.

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