Thursday, April 14, 2011

AI - Movie Week

You know, in previous years of AI, usually every week there was someone that I felt did really horrible (HORRIBLE) that I thought deserved to go home that week. That hasn't really been the case this year. Does that mean that this is the best season of singers yet (like they keep force feeding us to believe)? Or is the mentoring actually helping? I don't know. But Jimmy Iovine is getting on my nerves because he thinks he knows everything.

Last night started with Paul singing "Old Time Rock n' Roll". I didn't really like it. His voice still gets on my nerves.

Lauren Alaina did “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. I think she didn't feel very confidant. Some of her notes could have been much stronger, and if she had just felt the song more it would have turned out so much better.

Stefano sang some song by Boys II Men. I've never heard the song before, don't really care about that. I thought Stefano gave his best performance so far. Truly heartfelt and emotional. Who was he singing this for? After last week when the judges and the crowd make him feel 2 inches tall by being over indignant that it was Pia leaving and not him, this was a great performance to show that he deserves to still be here.

Scotty chose “Cross My Heart” by George Strait from the movie Pure Country. (Which is just the greatest movie ever. Very PG, cute as can be, great quotes, and George Strait. What could be better?) It's okay that Scotty stayed in his comfort zone and sang another country song. This performance was pretty good, but maybe in the future he WILL sing a non-country song. I will be waiting for that.

Casey did “Nature Boy” and I'm not sure if America is feeling him. It's a great performance (aside from the faces he is pulling again). He is very confidant with his choice and it shows. The hell with mentors trying to talk him out of his song choices. Go with what you feel.

Haley goes with “Call Me” by Blondie. Seriously, the 'mentors' didn't try to talk her out of THIS??? Hmmmm. It was not good. Not really showing her voice or talent. At times I do believe she has a great voice. She just doesn't know herself very well. She has the potential to be good (or at least better) if she could truly find herself.

Jacob sang ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, another change by the mentors. I actually think this was a good change. When he started singing his first song choice it was soooooo boring. My problem with Jacob is that he over sings and over-emotionalizes every song. It's just too much for me.

And finally, James. Stupid mentors and their opinions can bite me. James knows what he wants to sing, and I'm sure this is one of those songs he does with his band so he is comfortable with it. I would just like to tell him not to get cocky thinking he knows what his 'fans' want to hear. However, I was excited when the song started. I think he completely nailed it. I loved the entire performance.

Bottom 3 - this is getting harder. Paul, Stefano, and Haley. No, maybe not Stefano. Jacob instead? I can't imagine another female leaving this week, so maybe it will be Paul, Casey, Jacob. Yeah, that's what I'll go with.

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