Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol Top 12, make that Top 13

Even though AI went from 24 down to 13, there weren't too many surprise exits. I thought most of the Top 12 girls were terrible.

I didn't agree with who got another chance to sing for the Wild Card. The judges should have given Brett another shot instead of Kendra. Poor Jovany and Robbie didn't make the final cut. Although my daughter IS happy that Stefano managed to get back into the competition, so that's a plus.

During both nights of performances I found myself channelling Simon. I couldn't help myself. I know Simon was an ass most of the time, but at least he was more honest with the really bad performances. Even Randy wasn't as upfront with his criticism as he used to be. So I found myself giving my own critique, and some of it may have been not so nice.

There are 2 things that really set me off during AI. The first is when someone gives a really bad performance, and they are asked their opinion of their performance, and they reply with "I had fun." Fun? Fun for you means it was torture for the viewers (and voters). I don't care if you had 'fun', I care that you can actually, you know, sing. Every time a contestant says they had fun, you can count on them being voted out.

The second thing that really bothers me is not only song selection, but the actual performing of the songs. When they are really, really bad, I wonder how a contestant can have family and friends around and not one person tells them how horrible they sound? Really? Because if I had a friend or family on AI, I think I would be able to be honest and tell them it didn't sound good or it wasn't the right song for them.

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