Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look what I made... something without a zipper!!

No zipper anywhere. Shocking, I know. But oh so cute and cuddly!!

My husband took off work on Wednesday so we could shop. I wanted to start at the mall, then work our way back home, stopping to get anything that we didn't get at the mall. Well, to our surprise, the mall wasn't open that early. I (mistakenly) thought that the mall would open up at least an hour earlier than usual considering it IS the week before Christmas. But no, they didn't open until 10 am.

So we went over to JoAnn's to grab something for me. I wanted to try making some scarves using pretty fabric on one side and something soft on the back. I wasn't sure if I wanted minky kind of fabric, or chenille, or just flannel. Then I found this stuff - it's soft and cuddly and fuzzy and SOFT and cuddly and fuzzy... you get the idea. It's very soft. It was half price, and I used my 20% off coupon, so I got a great deal.

For this scarf I used all Amy Butler prints in pinks and browns. It is 5 1/2 inches wide and 60 inches long, and it was very easy to make. I see more of these in my future.

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