Monday, November 15, 2010

It's still too early to put up the Christmas Tree

My daughter is in full Christmas mode. She's very excited to put up the Christmas tree, but worried about keeping the cat and dog away from it. Prior to last year, we had a HUGE rotating (fake) tree with hundreds of lights. We've been losing sections of lights on the tree, so we started wrapping light strands around to fill in the gaps. So last year I went out and bought a much smaller non-rotating pre-lit tree. My daughter hated it. So now she realizes that we can't possibly use the huge tree again because the puppy is not going leave it alone. I suggested placing our smaller tree on a table so the puppy can't get it. I have no idea if that will work either, because he sure can jump high for a small dog!!

But I did put my foot down on setting up the tree over the weekend. That is something we do every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. My daughter will just have to wait until then. She's been filling her time with other Christmas activities. Last Sunday she watched Santa Clause 2. Last night she talked her brother into watching The Polar Express. Listening to Christmas music - 2 of our local radio stations went to all Christmas music last week. A bit ridiculous, I know. And she is coloring pictures, alternating between turkeys made from her hand print, and Christmas trees, and hanging them all over the house.

I'll get into the Holiday mood soon. I think I'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving though.

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