Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November Already?

Where did October go?

Hope everyone had fun last night for Halloween. My son hasn't dressed up for a few years, but my daughter and her friend went out trick-or-treating the neighborhood.

We always have a really big turnout here. Tons of kids out and about with the parents. Not any kids out by themselves, except for the handful of teenagers. (I can honestly say that my parents never went trick-or-treating with us. Yes, it was the 70's, and we were naively ignorant of the bad things that could happen to us. I remember running to keep up with my 2 older brothers, and them getting mad because they had to bring me home when I got too tired to keep up with them. As I got older, my friend and I would always start out with them, but by the second block they had left us far behind.)

Where I live now we have lots of people with their fire pits in the driveway, and friends and neighbors gathered around... drinking. Lots of drinking is involved in any activity in my neighborhood. Actually, any day is a good day to break out the fire pit, grab a beer, and be seen. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much.

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