Sunday, November 7, 2010

I made my own birthday wonderful...

Even though it was a month ago, I thought I would share my birthday experience here. This is what is terrible about a weekday birthday: Husband at work, kids at school, and the dog and cat don't really care. Then I get kids home from school, homework started, kids fed, husband stops at home between jobs (part time evenings, his choice, not mine) quickest singing of Happy Birthday, hurry up open your card and present, okay gotta go.... then I'm back to homework and stopping the dog and cat from fighting. Everyday normal routine.

So what do I do? After homework I made the kids go to the library for me. I had just received an email that 'Return to Paradise' was in for me (which I will say was a disappointing read). I WAS 15th on the reserve list, so they must have gotten more copies. So we drove around the block and they went inside and picked up my book for me. Then I dropped them off at home and drove myself to Starbucks for my FREE - yes free - Pumpkin Spice Latte. And I received a very nice 'Happy Birthday Ma'am' from the 2 nice young men at Starbucks. Which made me feel old. Then I came home and had a piece of my birthday cake with my latte.

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