Monday, August 30, 2010


Guess what movie I finally saw this past Saturday night? That's right. Eclipse.

Let me tell you, after only seeing one move since New Moon (How To Train Your Dragon) I was really looking forward to getting out and enjoying a movie. The only theatre it was still playing at around here was at the mall, which is old. It's okay there, but not the new and really nice theatre that we usually go to. My husband was certain that we would be the only ones there, but when we walked in about 15 minutes before the movie started, there was already 2 young women there in the back row. So we sat 2 rows in front of them and off the right so we wouldn't interfere with their view since they were there first. Obviously everyone is not this courteous. Is there no movie theatre etiquette anymore? Because 2 young women come in and sit directly behind us and start talking in full on loud voices until the movie started. My husband wanted to move but I told him let's wait and see how it goes. Then a couple walks in and sits directly in front of us. This is the time when you start seriously thinking you are on Candid Camera!! There is a whole theatre of empty seats and they choose to sit in back and front of us, and we are off to one side, not in the middle premium seats... It drives me crazy. Then a whole bunch of couples start arriving and sitting all around us... okay, fine, no one knows how to spread out.

So I have 3 empty seats to the right between me and the aisle, and a couple shows up just as the movie is starting and sits there with 1 empty seat between us. This man drove me absolutely crazy!! I was ready to scream out loud by the end of the movie. He wouldn't sit still, he huffed and sighed and moaned and groaned and shuffled his feet and put his feet up on the chair in front of him and tapped and wiggled and just would not sit still. He got up 3 times during the movie to get candy, so he's making noise with his boxes, and chewing and smacking, and every time he picked up his huge ass soda, he would swirl it around before taking gulps and smacking his lips and sighing, and OMG I was ready to scream!!

As for the movie itself, it was okay. Afterwards my husband asked how long before he has to suffer through another one? I made his night by telling him not until next November. He said he could handle waiting that long to go with me again. Gee, thanks honey. I stopped him with a hand on his arm, and I got up in his face and started talking to him really serious... just like they do in Eclipse, and he started cracking up and wondering why they do that? I told him I didn't know, that this was the 3rd different director, so you would think they could do something different. The extreme close-ups and seriousness of every little line has gotten more pronounced with each movie. It's a bit much. I'd like to see the actors move around and act like real people while having discussions. All the close-ups just make it so boring. I think they are going for dramatic, but it's just not coming off that way.

And the hand held cameras bothered me. Too much shaking. The scene that was the most notable, I think, was in Jacob's garage when Jacob was throwing a fit over Bella choosing to become one of them... Jacob was shaking in a rage, and the camera was shaking too. That was just weird.

Robert Pattinson's acting just gets better and better with each movie. I thought he was awesome. And hot. LOL. Gotta give him that. And he looked extremely hot hot hot in the tent scene. And the meadow scenes. And the... well, he looked really good throughout the entire movie.

Taylor Lautner was really good too. I think he owns the role of Jacob. I know the character is really supposed to be huge and towering over everyone, but he pulls off being short and imposing, and makes being tall seem less important.

As for Kristen Stewart, same old, same old. She's terrible. I can't stand watching her sputter and stutter and just ugh, I don't like the way she acts!! Although, she wasn't as terrible as she was in Twilight and New Moon, so at this rate, by the end of filming Breaking Dawn she will be less twitchy and stuttery and sputtery... or at least I can hope.

Not enough Billy Burke. He totally stole every scene he was in. (And I kept waiting for him to pick up a guitar and start singing... that may have been just a 'me' thing though. Does anyone else have his CD?)

I loved Jasper's back story. Loved Alice. Rosalee looked horrible. Not enough of Emmett. Loved the training and fight scenes. Didn't like the new Victoria. Loved Riley. Loved the wolves. They were huge!! My husband even commented on the big ass wolves.

I loved the scene when Bella showed up at the Cullen's house. Edward opened the door and wondered what Bella was doing out there.. which was weird to say, but when she entered the house with him, they played 'Bella's Lullaby' in the background. Did anyone else like this as much as I did?

Overall, Eclipse was pretty good. I like the story of Eclipse better than I like the actual movie. Of course I will be getting the DVD, and I'll watch it a few more times, and maybe then I will have more of an opinion. Right now I think it's better than New Moon. The acting is better than Twilight. But I still like Twilight more because it was the first, it was fresh, and because they still walked and talked, and I actually like that. The extreme close-ups have gotten out of hand. Hopefully they get that under control and have more moderation for Breaking Dawn.

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