Monday, July 19, 2010

Super-Duper Mini Vacation

Can you still consider it a vacation if you are only gone for 52 hours? The kids talked us into going to Branson for 2 days. They just wanted to get away from home for a little while. 'Little while' being the important thing here, since they really don't like being away from home for too long. They do love staying in hotels though. I guess just because it's different than their home.

Here is how our 2 days went:

Did some gift shopping for the friend, the not-my-girlfriend, and the neighbor who fed our cat while we were gone. We shopped while waiting for a rain storm to end. Then we played miniature golf.

Swam in the hotel pool. This was in the back of the hotel. The hotel also has a really nice and new indoor/outdoor pool and play area across from the front door. We spent some time there also.

Watched these 2 crazy young men on motorcycles inside a 12 foot globe. That was crazy. We saw them do their routine twice. It was dark at 10:30 pm, so they had these spotlights shining, and it looked even crazier than it did when it was still light out.

The kids talked us into seeing this show. We saw the same group of people when we were in Branson 2 years ago. They've changed up their routine since then, and the kids enjoyed it. It's hard finding a show that the adults can enjoy that the kids will go to without complaining. They are obviously doing YMCA here. They change costumes a LOT!!

Go carts!!!

Why does the drive home always seem to take longer than the drive there?

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