Thursday, August 19, 2010

Officially Introducing...


We've had him for 5 weeks now. My husband talked me into going to 'look' at 3 puppies, brothers, that he had stopped and looked at and played with... Looking turned into getting. My husband and kids promised me that if we got a new puppy I could name him anything I wanted.

Every name that I wanted or suggested they turned down. I originally called him Rochester. I was told that was a stupid name for a dog. I insisted on Rochester, but suggested a few other names: Heathcliff, Darcy, Mr. Darcy, Wentworth, Frederick, Bronte, Branwell... no one liked any of these names. I don't know why not, I think they are very dignified names.

Then I made a comment about how they would probably really like a simple and common name like Max. Yeppers, they liked Max. I had to put my foot down and make sure they understood that his name was officially Maximillian Rochester (for AKC registration purposes). Max is a cute name, but I still occasionally call him Rochester just to piss off my family. LOL

Max is now 13 weeks old. He's a miniature dachshund, and he is really, really cute. And he'd be even cuter if he would stop pooping in the house.

For the first few days, Max wouldn't stop whining unless someone was holding him or he was snuggled up against someone. My husband, Mr. Softy, slept on the couch for 3 nights so Max could lay on him. It was our desperate attempt to keep him quiet so we could sleep. Since then he's been sleeping in his cage at night. He still whines and cries and barks, but it is in spurts, and not all night long like it was at first.

I am still very overprotective of him. After what happened with our last puppy, I don't like Max out of my sight for very long. My husband likes to take Max with him when he visits with the neighbors, so I have to send the kids to get Max and bring him home so I can keep an eye on him.

Max was 4.3 pounds at 8 weeks old, and 4.8 pounds at 11 weeks old, and 6.4 pounds today (13 weeks). Here he is with one of his favorite toys. You can see that Tigger is bigger than him.

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