Monday, February 8, 2010

My Baby... er, I Mean My Big Boy

Right before Christmas my 15 year old son suddenly had a girlfriend. She came out of the blue. Wait, she didn't come out of the blue, she came through the XBox. Sad, but true. He 'met' her through his friend's girlfriend. The 4 of them went to the movies once. And my son went ice skating with her. Then I found out through his MySpace that he had suddenly and unexpectedly dropped her like a rock. Turns out he met a girl in his math class when the new semester started at the beginning of the new year. So with this new girlfriend comes other problems for us, his parents. I've always held firm in my belief that my kids won't be doing solo dates or any kind of alone time with no parents around. Especially at each other's homes. I will not relent on this. He has been wanting to spend his weekends with her, so we have to be sure we talk to her grandmother and make sure an adult will be present when they are there. And I am always home when the kids are here, so they won't be alone when I'm on duty.

Any other mothers out there with kids this age? Anyone have any advice or comments on my parenting skills?

Oh, the photo up there is my son this past Saturday night. He and his girlfriend went to a school dance. I think he looked very handsome!!

My husband drove them to and from the dance. I also have firm rules about my kids riding around with strangers. Or at least riding with people I don't know very well. Maybe I am too controlling, and I am definitely a worry wart, but I want to know that my kids are as safe as they can be.

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