Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear John,

I am currently reading "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. I'm about 100 pages in, and so far, it's pretty boring. A few summers ago I read A Walk To Remember and Dear John, which were both good. Last year I read The Choice, which was just alright, not the greatest. And I started to read Nights in Rodanthe but gave up after the first few pages didn't capture my attention.

It's been years since I read Message in a Bottle. I saw the movie and was complaining to my brother's girlfriend (at the time) about how much I hated the ending. She recommended reading the book and said it was so much better than the movie. Well, the lead character still dies at the end, so for me it didn't change the way I felt about the ending. I just have a very difficult time with movies where one of the lead characters dies at the end. I want my happy ending. I don't want sad, end of the story, and knowing that they'll never be together again. I want to know, or at least think, that the couple lived on together in happiness for however long. I don't think one half of a couple dying makes a better or stronger 'love'. Romeo and Juliet was brilliant, but both of them dying doesn't make the love into more than it was. Their dying just made their love story tragic.

Has everyone seen the trailer for Dear John? I keep watching it, and it looks really good, AND I just love Channing Tatum. Yum. (Too funny!! My husband is downstairs yelling up at me "Your boy is in a new movie that's coming out." Yes dear, I know!! LOL) I really want to see this in the theatre, but I just know I would start bawling. I cry very easily. I'm sure I could get my husband to go see it with me, and if so, I'll definitely have to bring tissues!!

The song that is used for the trailer is "Set The Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol. I think the first time I heard (and really listened) to this song was when I was watching a Michael and Sara/Prison Break video. And the CD that this song is on, Eyes Open, is really good.

So go watch, listen, or read.... and be happy!!!

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