Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To RUB or not to RUB...

Evidently, some people are still confused by this statement that I put on all of my listings for Twilight Pouches:

Cleaning Instructions: Very gently spot clean, do not rub images, air dry.

This DOES NOT mean that the image will rub off if you USE the pouch. What it means is exactly like it says - if you spill something on the pouch and want to clean it, treat it delicately so the fabric will retain it's fibers and it's smooth finish.

I know this because I have tested it!! The images DO NOT 'RUB' OFF with normal use!! I have this notice on all of my Twilight Pouches as a warning in case the item needs to be CLEANED. I don't want someone scrubbing the crap out of it and then complaining that it doesn't look as good as it used to.

So grab yourself a pouch, RUB on Robert all you want (in the privacy of your own bedroom, of course), and don't worry about the image rubbing off.


  1. Hi Sandra!
    I don't blame you for being frustrated about people misinterpreting the cleaning instructions on the pouches. I own many of your Twilight pouches and have had no problem with them rubbing off. I even saw another etsy Twilight pouch seller put in big letters at the top of her store-- "my pouches don't rub off!" Unfortunately, some people's reading comprehension skills are poorly lacking!

  2. LOL...your last sentence is hilarious :)