Monday, April 6, 2009

Edward / Robert Pattinson

I NEED an Edward Cullen action figure. I've hinted about how nice it would be for him to arrive in my Easter basket. And I've promised not to take him around with us on any 'family' adventures. (I'll have to do that one on my own - the family is just NOT going to help me.)

How much do I love my Christmas gift from my daughter - Scruffy Dog - aka Robby. My daughter informed me that Scruffy Dog's hair looks just like Robert's. I tend to agree with her. Robby makes me happy. And, no, I don't sleep with him. Why would you think such a thing?

Speaking of Robert, I can't say just how much I adore this photo. I'm having terrible issues with it though. I can't see his face so my eyes keep roaming down his body... to 'other' areas that I find interesting. Not everyone's cup of tea, but there you go. As I quietly hang my head in shame and admit that I never thought I would be so shallow.


  1. Love that pic of Robert, think it would look great on one of those zippered pouches! :D

  2. I know I really love that pic, but I wasn't sure if anyone else liked it too!! I think I MUST put it on a pouch now. Thank you!!

  3. LOL...hilarious! I thought the same thing as you. I like your site!