Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just received notice that my Twilight Set of hardback books has shipped! Eek. A day before the release date, so that's great. I'm happy.

Been sewing something 'new' for the shop. I call them Zippity-Do-Dads. They are a variation on my littlest pouches with the zipper down the center. These have a 1" base, a strap, and a swivel clip. So they can be worn through a belt or belt loop, on a purse strap, or just used as a wristlet. So cute!!

I'm also working on some 'special' zippered pouches (hopefully) for the shop. It depends on how they turn out... And I wanted to try the same basic theme for some new totes/handbags. I'll see how it goes.

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