Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garden Party Zippered Pouches

I received some new Garden Party fabrics by Anna Maria Horner. They are so pretty. I whipped up some new zippered pouches and listed them in my Etsy shop.

I'm waiting for some of my Farmer's Market fabric to arrive to make a couple of baby quilts that I have planned.

And I am also waiting on my Ginger Blossom flannel to arrive to use as backing on a baby quilt that I have laid out. The top is Ginger Blossom - which is why I want coordinating fabric for the backing.

I'm feeling the need to make a crazy quilt - I haven't made one since my early (early) days of quilting. Over the years I switched to making purses. I got a little burned out on the whole quilt making thing, but now that I'm not under pressure to make everyone who is pregnant a baby quilt as a shower present, I'm getting back into it. I enjoy the creative process and freedom to do my own thing without worrying if the recipient will like it.

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